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Experience copy trading with a difference: invest in one of the world’s top performing forex AI developed by YB Capital made available via an easy to use, cost-effective and time saving platform. EXPERIENCE FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

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Connect your existing trading account with any broker and select TRNDR PRO X as a signal provider.

Link Your Account

Connect your existing trading account with any broker and select a strategy of your choice.

About Our AI

TRNDR PRO X is a cutting edge adaptive AI enabled system that profitably trades the financial markets.

In a world where technology is rapidly taking over, it has never been a better time to prepare for the third industrial revolution.

With a team that has over 10 years of trading experience in the financial market, and +5 years in the tech space, we as YB Capital have taken it upon ourselves to develop an automated trading system.

We have designed a world class system constituting of extremely complex algorithms and trading strategies. In addition to the complex calculation TRNDR PRO X has a powerful core engine that serves as an analytical tool, in conjunction with a deep learning component, TRNDR PRO X is the ultimate trader with mind blowing ability to predict market movement from series of calculations through neural networks.

We are a licensed and regulated by the FSCA. YB Capital is a juristic rep. under FSP 46855



10 -35% p/m





Investor Benefits

Manage your Funds

Our investment program puts you in the driver’s seat of your funds. YOU ARE NOT TIED TO A CONTRACT. You CAN WITHDRAW your funds WHENEVER you desire. You can top up your investment whenever you please as well.

Safety of Funds

You have full control over your funds. Withdrawals and deposits are still handled by your broker of choice.

24/7 Access to Trades

Monitor Performance of your investment from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and at ANY GIVEN TIME. All you need to do is log in with your MT4 ID, and you can view all open and closed positions.

No Forex Education Required

We strongly believe that Forex is a powerful tool that can bring about financial freedom hence why we went ahead and studied the financial markets and designed a system that will MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP with NO PREVIOUS TRADING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED.

3 Months

Membership Pricing


An AI is simply an artificial intelligence system, in simpler terms it is a digital simulation of the human brain that consists of several components and through multiple information passed bak and forth between the components, networks are formed.

Yes, the AI does at times enter positions that close on losses, however with all the risk management strategies and pre-cautions taken, the losses and overall drawdown percentage is extremely low.

It will cost a fortune for one to get direct access to the AI, and to maintain it will cost a ton of money. Other than that, If one is not tech savy they can easily misconfigure the system and as result it can blow their entire account, hence why we have a team that monitors its performance, and through our PAMM investors just benefit from the profits.

Computers work with numbers, forex is a numbers game. Computers can process millions of information in seconds and through mathematical algorithms it can output accurate projections, and a human can't do such in a matter of seconds. Over and above all of that, one major advantage a computer has compared to humans, is the lack of emotions.

Stages are basically additional features/strategies that are added on to the core model, to enhance its performance. When a new stage is launched the minimum investment for new investors increases to give a bit more margin and more storage for data memory is created. The only difference investors will notice is an increase in returns.


All investors invest into our PAMM (Percentage Allocation management Module Portfolio. Once the investor creates the account, funds it, and joins the PAMM Portfolio trades are automatically taken on their behalf.

Essentially it is an investment pool whereby the investor still retain 100% control over their capital. The investors fund are added to the Master Trader's (Us) equity and funds are traded. Profits/Losses made are divided amongst investors proportionally, based on the amount invested.

No. You are free to leave or top up your investment whenever you please. Please do note that there are fees charged based on the offer.

Very well, we are making net gains of between 20 to 45% monthly.


All funds are processed by FxPrimus which is our partnered broker. AT NO POINT IN TIME SHOULD FUNDS BE SENT TO YB CAPITAL REGARDING THE PAMM. FxPrimus is a regulated and licensed FSP (Financial Service Provider) Primus Global Ltd, regulated by CySEC, with licence no. 261/14. Primus Markets INTL Limited, regulated by VFSC, with registration no. 14595. Primus Africa (Pty) Ltd, regulated by FSCA, with licence no. 46675.

YB Capital is a licensed and regulated Financial Service Provider. We are juristic representatives under FSP-46855.

Registering, funding and linking all in all can take min 2 days. We will require basic FICA documents to verify your account prior to funding and linking.

There is no limit. You can invest more than $100 Million 😉

We charge performance fees, from profits made and thats the only money we make.

Our Partnered broker FxPrimus has indemnity insurance with Howden for up to 2.5 Million Euros.

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